Welcome to the online media room for North Little Rock! We love to share about what is happening in our city, so please feel free to peruse the information on this page and elsewhere on our website. The North Little Rock Visitors Bureau represents the attractions, hotels, restaurants and more in North Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Stephanie Slagle, Public Relations Representative
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Travel Writer Assistance

Individual Press Visits

Thank you for your interest in traveling to North Little Rock, Arkansas! The North Little Rock Visitors Bureau is always available to assist journalists who are researching and developing media coverage for print, digital, broadcast and social outlets.

The following policy outlines the procedure that journalists must adhere to when requesting assistance for individual media hospitality.

Group Press Trips

The North Little Rock Visitors Bureau collaborates with other CVBS and the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism to plan and implement group trips to our area. For group press trips, our public relations representative, Stephanie Slagle, will be responsible for overseeing and/or escorting the group. The same assignment criteria apply for both group press trips and individual visits.

Policy for Hosting

Individual media hospitality is determined on a case-by-case basis and is subject to availability. Since many factors go into approving a media hosting request, please provide as much information as possible in order to quickly facilitate your request.

A firm assignment letter will be required in order for a hosting to be considered. We are not able to approve hostings for media without an assignment and confirmation of producing media coverage of the destination.

Upon receiving a completed hosting request form, we will review each media request and then advise you of our hosting availability. This process can take up to 3 weeks.

Please note we have a limited budget to cover airfare, rental cars and other ground transportation costs. These services will be determined on a case-by-case-basis.

Complimentary meals will only be provided to those writers and producers who are focused primarily or solely on food or culinary.

The North Little Rock Visitors Bureau has the primary objective to host working media. Please understand that host hotels, attractions and restaurants are not always able to accommodate spouses, children, family and friends accompanying working journalists.

Blogger Hosting

The same criteria apply to bloggers as to traditional media outlets. The level of support the North Little Rock Visitors Bureau provides bloggers is determined by several factors, including website analytics and traffic, reader engagement, social media reach, experience working with other brands or destinations, and relevance of the blog’s audience. A screen shot of online analytics information (page views, unique visitors, bounce rate, demographics) is required. In addition, we strongly encourage bloggers to submit a media kit. Bloggers may also be asked to include a custom tracking link, provided by the North Little Rock Visitors Bureau, when posting about North Little Rock on their blog that links back to the website.

Like traditional media outlets, all bloggers must complete the hosting form and adhere to the same timeline for consideration.

Instructions for All Media

Please complete the media trip request form below.

Mandatory for assistance: Fax, mail or email a letter of assignment on letterhead from the media outlet you are representing. Email, mail to Attn: Stephanie Slagle, PO Box 5511, North Little Rock, AR 72119, or fax (501)758-5752. ** Please note freelance journalists will need a written letter of assignment from the publication’s assigning editor.

Freelance journalists should forward recent examples of travel or travel-related coverage.

For online media and bloggers, please provide third-party documentation of web traffic data (Technorati, Nielsen, Sitemeter, Feedburner, etc). Bloggers MUST provide a screen shot of online analytics information (page views, unique visitors, bounce rate, demographics).

If you have a change in plans, please notify us immediately.

To remain on our preferred media list, please forward a copy of your print, digital, broadcast, or social story as soon as possible after the story runs.

Again, thanks so much for your interest in covering and visiting the beautiful North Little Rock! We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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